Daniel Lowd

Portrait of Daniel Lowd

E-mail: lowd at cs dot uoregon dot edu
Office: 262 Deschutes Hall
Phone: 541-346-4154
Fax: 541-346-5373

Mailing Address:
Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Oregon.

My research interests include learning and inference with probabilistic graphical models, adversarial machine learning, and statistical relational machine learning.

I also maintain Libra, an open-source toolkit for Learning and Inference in Bayesian networks, Random fields, and Arithmetic circuits.
Latest version: 1.1.1, released on 3/28/2015.


(New!)  June 2015: I received an ARO Young Investigator Award for my proposal on "Inferring Trustworthiness and Deceit in Adversarial Relational Models"!