I regularly commute by unicycle. For the 2012 Business Commute Challenge, I wanted to find an "alternative" method of commuting, in spirit with the competition. But what's a good alternative to a unicycle? Maybe riding a llama or something? Since I had no llama, Star Holmberg lent me a small, toy llama. The llama and I rode over 20 miles on a unicycle (llamacycle? unillama?) that week. That's got to be a record or something.

(Photo credit: Cheri Smith.)

CSE Poetry

Here is a villanelle I wrote for architecture class. I had to write it in order to get a one-week extension on the final project. Writing it was quite enjoyable... alas, there is no quals course in poetry!

Fortunately, one of the questions on the architecture final asked me to answer a question of my own creation. I received full credit on it, too.

The following quarter inspired this creation. I was taking advanced complexity at the time.


Sometimes, I write and perform silly songs:


I have also written the occasional short story:

Other Interests

My wife, Mary Lowd, is a science fiction writer. Her first trilogy, Otters in Space, Otters in Space II: Jupiter Deadly, and Otters in Space III: Octopus Ascending are now available, both as physical books and ebooks. She has several other novels as well: In a Dog's World and Jove Deadly's Lunar Detective Agency are set in the same universe but focus more on cats and dogs near earth and less on otters in deep space. Her books Nexus Nine and Tri-Galactic Trek re-imagine trek-like space adventures populated by cats and dogs and more. And The Snake's Song features a squirrel on a quest deep underground to find the lost celestial treasures! Check out Otters in Space and more here!

She has also had many short stories published; many are freely available online at the Deep Sky Anchor fiction archive or elsewhere. You find even more collected in anthologies.

You may also be interested in Spacehounds!, a free webcomic about dogs in space. Finally, her web page includes some excellent pictures of our daughter, our son, and our pets.

I am the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the fiction magazine Quoth the Raven: A Magazine of Universal Rejection. Quoth the Raven is dedicated to rejecting every story submitted, making it the most exclusive fiction market ever to exist. Since rejection is guaranteed, there's no surprises and you have nothing to lose. Submit today! (Loosely inspired by the Journal of Universal Rejection.)

I used to sing with the Seattle Men's Chorus.

I don't plan on ever getting a tattoo, but if I did, it would have to be something really cool. Like a praying mantis. Playing a guitar. Eating a butterfly.

A praying mantis. Playing a
guitar. Eating a butterfly.