Chris Misa


office: DES 331

address: 1477 E. 13th Ave., Eugene, OR 97403

research areas: network traffic monitoring, traffic structure characterization, programmable switch hardware, virtual networking, containers


Chris Misa is a PhD candidate in the Computer Science Department at the University of Oregon. Working with advisors Ramakrishnan Durairajan and Reza Rejaie and as part of the Oregon Network Research Group, Chris explores the design, implementation, and performance of advanced traffic monitoring systems for modern, high-speed, virtualized networks. Additionally, Chris enjoys statistics, Linux, and programming in Haskell.

Current Research

The increasing complexity of modern computer networks raises new issues for network monitoring and control systems. In particular, existing monitoring systems tend to fall into one of two, nondesirable groups: either providing rough estimation of key information (e.g. SFLOW), or requiring massive collection and processing overheads (e.g. INT).

Chris's research explores the possibilities afforded by recent advances in network switch hardware and OS-level network virtualization to address these two undesirable tendancies. In particular, Chris is interested in maximizing the utilization of hardware and OS resources, while minimizing the overheads of collecting and post-processing measurement data. Ultimately network measurement should be an agile, lightweight, and versatile tool to serve as the sensory system for advanced network control schemes.










Big thanks to those who support my work!