CIS 410/510 Computational Science: Computational science is the scientific investigation of problems through modeling, simulation and analysis of physical processes on a computer. An indispensable tool in many branches of research, scientific computing is vitally important for studying a wide range of physical and social phenomena. This computer science course will consist of an interdisciplinary blend of scientific modeling, applied mathematics, computational techniques and practices. We will cover a variety of advanced topics in numerical analysis and algorithm design for high-performance computing. Advanced techniques in numerical linear algebra and numerical solutions to partial differential equations (including finite difference and finite element methods) will be covered.

CIS 607 Seminar on MPI for Scientific Computing: The seminar will cover parallel programming in Julia using the Message Passing Interface (MPI) paradigm, through the open source library Open MPI.  Focusing on physics-based scientific problems, the material will be introductory but progress to involve fairly advanced applications of MPI. Some exposure to parallel computing will be helpful (although not required). 


(Winter 2020) CIS 210: Computer Science I

(Fall 2019) CIS Seminar on Numerical PDE: Partial differential equations play a key role in many fields of science and engineering, in order to model such phenomena as heat diffusion and fluid transport. In this seminar we will review modern computer science algorithms for solving such systems numerically. No prior knowledge of differential equations will be assumed. Some programming will be required.