I conduct research in computational mathematics and physics, applied predominantly to problems in the natural sciences. Currently I develop high-performance methods for earthquake cycle simulations and volcanic eruptions. These projects are funded by the National Science Foundation and the Southern California Earthquake Center.

I co-lead the
SCEC-SEAS (Sequences of Earthquakes and Aseismic Slip) code-verification project.

Research Group:

Alexandre Chen, PhD student: GPU computing, hybridized SBP-SAT finite difference methods, applications to large scale earthquake cycle simulations.

IMG_20190924_195041 (1)
Toby Harvey, PhD student: Numerical PDEs, non-stiff methods for wave propagation with rate-and-state friction.


Cody Rucker, PhD student: Finite element and deep Galerkin (machine learning) methods for PDEs, models of magma cavity deformation.


Genesee Lucia, PhD student: computational modeling of volcanic conduit flows.