Ram's research vision is to create a "robust Internet" by taking a measure-and-then-build approach. To this end, Ram and his students are developing innovative techniques and tools to empirically measure the network infrastructures; and building systems informed by those measurements to address intrinsic threats (e.g., terabit DDoS attacks) and extrinsic threats (e.g., climate change and naturally occurring disasters).

Broadly speaking, Ram has addressed research questions in several areas of computer networking including network measurements and analysis, network economics, large-scale network simulations, debugging and testing in software-defined networks, mobile and wireless communication, Internet of things, visualization, cyber attacks and security issues, and datacenter transport protocols.

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Our research is generously funded by multiple NSF grants, a Ripple faculty fellowship, an ISOC foundation grant, and a UO faculty research award. We are grateful to these funding agencies for their support.