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CIS 610
Software Quality Analysis
Fall 1999

Michal Young

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This is the home page of CIS 610, Software Quality Analysis, for fall term 1999. If you are a student in this class, please bookmark this page and check it at least once a week. Many course "handouts" will appear only here and will not be distributed in hardcopy form.


Readings. The next reading is. " A Practical Approach to Programming with Assertions". Since several students are at a conference on Thursday, we will postpone discussion of the paper to next Tuesday.

The last assignment will be building a test harness for the "cgiupload" function.

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This is a course on approaches and techniques for producing quality software, with an emphasis on dependability qualities (as versus, for example, usability or maintainability) and with an emphasis on testing and static analysis techniques. I have attempted to align the UO CIS version of this course with the OMSE course OMSE 525, but I will emphasize technical aspects of dynamic testing and static analysis somewhat more and organizational / managerial aspects of software quality programs somewhat less than in the OMSE course.

Class format: The course will include lecture and discussion, student presentations, and in-class exercises. A substantial amount of reading of primary sources* will be required.

Main topics: Software qualities; development processes and quality assurance; software inspections; static analysis techniques including symbolic evaluation, model checking, and flow analysis; dynamic testing techniques and tools. See the course schedule for more detail.

Primary course documents


Primary sources: A primary source is an original scholarly publication, such as an article in a journal or conference proceedings, as distinct from a tutorial or textbook.

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