Installing SSH Applications Software

SSH (Windows) and CyberDuck (Mac) are SFTP clients available for free download from the web and also on the Duckware CD (151 Mck).

DuckWare CD Tip: Open an Explorer window (XP) or a Finder window (OSX) and then open the CD drive folder. This will give you a folder view of the CD contents. The CD Installer menu that autostarts when you insert the CD may not give you the folder view necessary to locate TextPad, Fugu, etc.

To Enable Shell Acces to your Account:
  • In a browser, open

  • Login using your DuckID (the same username/password you use for DuckWeb and Blackboard)

  • Select Manage Optional Account Access

  • Click Enable Shell Access

  • Click the Logout button
Shell access is now enabled.

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