locomotion interactive developed for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

"Dinosaurs in their Time"


Kaibridge, Inc. developed an interactive display regarding dinosaur posture and locomotion as part of the new permanent exhibit "Dinosaurs in their Time". The interactive consists of a large display controlled by a smaller touch screen. The interactive illustrates the basics of forelimb and hindlimb biomechancs in dinosaurs, and compares their posture and movements with that of modern animals such as the elephant and rhino. Elaborate digital models are shown in full articulation. Museum visitors select a dinosaur (Apatosaurus, Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus rex) and for each selection, one of three topics.

The intial screen for each dinosaur shows it walking on a turntable-treadmill. Clicking a topic under the walking dinosaur takes the visitor into an exploration of that topic complete with simple explanatory text, 2D images, and movie clips. The following shows three sets of four screenshots from the interactive, one set for each dinosaur.


The following four images show screenshots from the CMNH dinosaur locomotion interactive. First first image shows Apatosaurus just after it was selected by the visitor. The great sauropod has just descended onto a treadmill and started walking. This animation is actually a turntable shot, allowing one to appreciate the walk from 360 degrees. Below the animation are buttons that the visitor can touch to select three topics to explore:

"Too heavy for land?"

"Holding up the front end"

"How the front legs worked"

Screenshots from the welcome screen plus the three topics are provided below.

The next set of four screenshot are for Triceratops. Starting with a turntable view showng it on a treadmill walking with a characteristic swagger due to its slightly sprawling forelimbs, the visitor can then use the touchscreen to explore three topics:

"Rhino or no?"

"Posturing and pushups"

"Holding up the rear"

The last set of four screenshots are for Tyrannosaurus rex. Starting with a turntable view showing this giant on a treadmill walking briskly, the visitor can then use the touchscreen to explore three topics:

    "Teeter totter rex "

    "Muscles to move it s"

    "Built for speed?"


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