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  • " Lubricated Stevens .... yet many secret luster defecate ..."

    (excerpt from an automated translation of an Hungarian website, below)

    An Hungarian website contains an article authored by Dulai Alfréd, based on the 1998 Earth Magazine cover article on theropod binocular vision. But as it is in Hungarian, I used a free online translation website to determine what was said at the Hungarian site. So I cut the following excerpt from the first page:

    Tucatnyi hideg hüll?szem mered az oregoni számítógépes szakemberre. Kent Stevens azonban nem fél t?lük, mert ezek a szemgolyók játékboltban vásárolt üvegszemek, és békésen ülnek az agyagból formált dinoszauruszfejekben. Az élettelen tekintet? modellek mégis sok titokra fényt derítenek: segítenek eldönteni, hogy a zsarnokgyík, a Tyrannosaurus rex térlátása jó volt-e, ki tudta-e számítani a préda távolságát, vagy korlátozott látása miatt be kellett érnie a könnyebben megszerezhet? dögökkel és a hulladékokkal.

    and pasted it into the InterTran webpage, then eagerly clicked the button for my free translation. After a moment, it delivered back the following (pasted below without adulteration), and in the words of Dave Barry, I'm not making this up:

    Dozen cool reptile? eye acclivous the oregano his computer technician. Lubricated Stevens however not half-dozen? lük , since these the orbs toyshop bought üvegszemek , and calmly ülnek the argillaceous modeled dinoszauruszfejekben. The exanimate way? models yet many secret luster defecate : succor undecided , that the zsarnokgyík , the Tyrannosaurus rex térlátása good it had been e , who tudta e reckons the prey way , or restricted vision because of be should amount to the lightening obtainable? carrions and the hulladékokkal.

    Other notable excepts auto-generated by the free on-line translation site include:

    "... on behalf of worthy mean-spirited carnivorous it had been ... "

    plus the particularly evocative phrases scattered through:

    "... every prejudicially rack one's brains , since want you've got a moziszörnyre , which semi-diurnal can be. This explication, that so colour off the Tyrannosaurust, as soon as full kivillannak whopping its teeth, and pile murders for their victims."

    followed by the tantalizing if not disturbing references in:

    "... if batches attack – genital jaeger then stature prey , than own themselves."

    and finally, this near Haiku:

    "Several nibble to see him such ossicle ... while the immolation savagely sleeper guards"

    This all seems eerily similiar to the Hungarian-English Phrasebook Sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus.

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