Information for Prospective Students | ONRG@UO

I am always looking for talented and motivated new members for my research group (ONRG) This note provides some basic information for PhD/MS/BS students/applicants who are interested in joining my group. Please carefully read this information before contacting me.

Information for PhD Applicants

I am always looking for a couple of new PhD students every year. My group conducts research in several applied areas of network systems. You can check our projects and publications to learn more about our research activities and determine whether your research interests are aligned with ours. If you are interested in working with me, you should indicate that in your PhD application form and statement of purpose. Feel free to email me for any further information. Make sure to include the following items in your email: your CV, a copy of your transcripts, your GRE and your TOEFL/IELTS score (for international students).
You can find all the basic information about the admission process at the CIS graduate admission web site. To receive full consideration, you need to complete your application before the January 15th deadline.

A Few Reasons to Join ONRG

Information for MS Applicants

Several talented MS students have greatly contributed in our research projects. We are always looking for motivated and talented MS students to join our team. Having prior knowledge in computer networks and strong programming skills are essential. Each year, we invite top MS and BS students from "Intro to Networking" class to join our team. MS students who make a significant contributions to a project, may receive funding.
Getting involved in research as a MS student would improve your skill sets and thus your profile. This would be a valuable asset if you decide to get a PhD or a good job.

Last Update: November 2013