Current and Former Students

I enjoy working with both local and remote students. An incomplete list of the students are as follows, with achievements (e.g., papers with me) and placements.

  • At University of Oregon
    • River Bartz (PhD student, 2023 incoming)
    • Quang Dang (PhD student, 2022-present)
    • Wencong You (PhD student, 2018-2020): SECON, INFOCOM
      • Gurdeep Pall Graduate Student Fellowship
      • IEEE INFOCOM'20 Student Conference Award
    • Alex Xiao Cai (MSc student, 2021-present)
    • Tien Dinh (MSc student, 2021-2023): Thesis
      • Master Thesis: "Foundations of LEO Satellite Edge Computing: An Empirical Study Based on the Hypatia Simulator"
    • Xin (Adam) Chen (BSc student, 2018): Thesis ➔ Amazon @ Seattle
      • Bachelor Thesis: "An Empirical Study of OpenStack++ in Edge Computing"
    • Yueqi Zhu (BSc student, 2017): Thesis ➔ Microsoft @ Redmond
      • Bachelor Thesis: "Reducing Cloud Reconfigurations via Co-locating Compensative Workloads and Services"
      • Departmental Honor
  • Outside University of Oregon
    • Ying Zheng (PhD student, Fudan University, 2023-present)
    • Yining Zhang (PhD student, BUPT, 2022-present)
    • Siru Chen (PhD student, BUPT, 2022-present)
    • Fei Wang (PhD student, BUPT, 2020-present): TMC, INFOCOM
    • Xuan'er Wu (MSc student, BUPT, 2021-present)
    • Yulan Yuan (MSc student, BUPT, 2019-2021): TITS, TWC, INFOCOM ➔ HKUST(GZ) @ Guangzhou
    • Yan Chen (PhD student, Nanjing University, 2022-present)
    • Mingtao Ji (PhD student, Nanjing University, 2022-present)
    • Yibo Jin (PhD student, Nanjing University, 2019-2022): SECON, ICDCS, INFOCOM, JSAC, ToN ➔ Huawei @ Shanghai
    • Youmei Song (PhD student, Beihang University, 2020-2022): SECON
    • Shutong Chen (PhD student, HUST, 2018-2021): INFOCOM, TPDS
    • Yi Zhong (MSc student, Wuhan University, 2021-2022): SECON ➔ ByteDance @ Shanghai

Prospective Students

  • PhD students: I am constantly recruiting self-motivated PhD students to join my group, with full financial support available. Prospective students are expected to have relatively good basic math knowledge (e.g., calculus, probabilities, algorithm analysis), besides programming skills. Having existing experiences with linear or convex optimization could be a plus. In my group, I conduct regular meetings and discussions with students, and often help students all through the entire project lifespan from idea generation to paper publication, with the goal of training students to be independent researchers. If you are interested, please e-mail me anytime with your curriculum vitae, including your GRE/TOEFL/IELTS scores if applicable. While our departmental annual application deadline is in December, off-cycle applications and enrollments are also available.
  • MSc and BSc students: If you are at University of Oregon and want to do a thesis with me, please let me know. I may or may not have financial support in this case.
  • Visiting students or scholars: You are most welcome to visit me and my group for research collaboration. Typically, visitors need to have their own financial support. For example, the NGI Enrichers program supports an up-to-six-month research stay. I am not hiring postdocs at this point.