Nachos Grande

I do two things to offset my fondness for Mexican food. I run everyday. I play soccer. And that barely does it! Maybe I don't take it seriously enough?

Civic Activity

The Eugene Water Board shutdown a public fountain in mid-summer. I worked to get it turned back on.
I am claiming victory: third installment of the saga , as reported by columnist Karen McGowen. I am sure there is some moral to the story in here.

SoCal Dreaming

I grew up in San Diego, and have to say I miss Blacks.

However, I am really stoked on two other locations I have visited. The first is Playa Tamarindo in Costa Rica. Great surf, warm water, beach town.


The other location is Queen's Beach (AKA Walls) on Diamond Head side of Waikiki. Sigh.

Late blooming musician

I took up the tenor sax in 2005 so I would have something new to feel guilty about: not practicing. In summer of 2007, I attended Jazz Camp West. It was good. The clip below is of an open mike session (I'm in front with cap). The three of us sax players (Mike Trottier, me, Dave Needham) met and threw our little combo together at camp. Bruce Williamson (faculty member) helped to arrange the Miles tune, Freddie Freeloader, for us. The pianist, Frank Martin was faculty. The bass player, Stuart Fishman, and the drummer, Daisuke Chihara, were two advanced students (i.e., ringers) we asked to join.

I did not solo during the first part. It was hard enough to agree to even be on stage! I did do a little 4 bar solo when we started "trading fours" with the drummer. It was interesting that all three of us thought we screwed up when talking afterwards. But looking at the tape, I think it turned out ok :)

Alumni road

Too many alumni associations, too little money.