Virginia M. Lo

Virginia M. Lo, Associate Professor, Emerita

Department of Computer and Information Science of the University of Oregon.

At work:

OFFICE HOURS (Fall 2012): by appointment only
TEL: (541) 346-4473
FAX: (541) 346-5373
EMAIL: [mysurname]
Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403


Fall Term 2010:CIS 314 Computer Organization
Spring Term 2009: CIS 415 Operating Systems
Fall Term 2007:CIS 314 Computer Organization
Spring Term 2007: Visualization of P2P networks
Winter Term 2006:CIS 415 Operating Systems
Winter Term 2006:CIS 410 Career Mentorship Seminar and Tours
Winter Term 2005: CIS 415 Operating Systems
Fall Term 2004: CIS 314 Computer Organization
Fall term 2004: CIS 607: Trust-based Resource Mgmt in Grid and P2P Environments
Spring Term 2004: NRG seminar
Winter Term 2003: CIS 415 Operatings Systems
Winter Term 2003: CIS 607 Seminar on P2P Computing
Fall Term 2003: CIS 629 Computer Architecture
Fall Term 2003: CIS 415 Operating Systems

Biographical Sketch:Virginia Lo received her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1983. Her research interests are in the areas of resource management for parallel and distributed computing systems, and networking. Her work has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, OACIS, and Intel. She has been a faculty member at the University of Oregon since 1985.

Research Interests:

Networking (P2P Computing, Scheduling, Communication, Multicast) and Parallel and Distributed Computing (Scheduling, Resource Management, Parallel I/O), Computer Science Education.

Current Projects


Peer-to-peer Computing
Virtual Topologiees for Multiparty Communications
This work involves the development of efficient fault tolerant protocols for intradomain and interdomain multi-party communication. Research supported by NSF ANI9977524 and by NSF NCR9714680.

  • D. Zappala, V. Lo, C. GauthierDickey, The Multicast Address Allocation Problem,to appear in Computer Networks Journal, 2004.
  • D. Zappala, C. GauthierDickey, and V. Lo, Modeling the Multicast Address Allocation Problem, Proceedings IEEE Globecomm 2002.
  • V. Lo, D. Zappala, C. GauthierDickey, and T. Singer, A Theoretical Framework for the Multicast Address Allocation Problem, Proceedings IEEE Globecomm 2002.
  • D. Zappala, A. Fabbri, and V. Lo, An Evaluation of Shared Multicast Trees with Multiple Cores, Journal of Telecommunication Systems, March 2002.
  • M. Livingston, V. Lo, K. Windisch, D. Zappala, Cyclic Block Allocation: A New Scheme for Hierarchical Multicast Address Allocation in the First International Workshop on Networked Group Communication, NGC99 , Nov. 17-20, Pisa, Italy.

    Resource Management for Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems.
    This work focuses on the scheduling of resources (processors, processes, and I/O) in systems ranging from message-passing multicomputers to loosely-coupled workstation-based distributed systems. We have developed algorithms and software tools for allocation, mapping, placement, scheduling and migration, with extensions to support fault tolerance, heterogeneous environments, and real time constraints. (Research previously supported by NSF MIP91-08528.)

    • V. Lo and J. Mache, Job Scheduling for Prime Time vs. Non-Prime Time, Proceedings of the 4th IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing (CLUSTER 2002).
    • J. Mache, V. Lo and S. Garg, Job Scheduling that Minimizes Network Contention due to both Communication and I/O, Proceedings of the 14th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, IPDPS'00, 2000.
    • B. Nitzberg and V. Lo, Collective Buffering: Improving Parallel I/O Performance, in {\em Readings in Disk Arrays and Parallel I/O}, Edited by R. Buyya, H. Jin, and T. Cortes, IEEE Society Press, expected publication date 2001.
    • J. Mache, V. Lo and S. Garg, How to Schedule Parallel I/O Intensive Jobs, Proceedings of the 6th Conference on Parallel and Real-Time Systems, PART'99, 1999
    • J. Mache, V. Lo and S. Garg, Parallel I/O Traffic Calls for New Job Scheduling Strategies, Proceedings of SC99 - 12th ACM/ IEEE Conference on High-Performance Networking and Computing (refereed poster exhibit), 1999
    • J. Mache, V. Lo, M. Livingston and S. Garg, The Impact of Spatial Layout of Jobs on Parallel I/O Performance, Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on I/O in Parallel and Distributed Systems, FCRC'99, 1999
    • B. Bose, B. Broeg, V. Lo, Lee Distance, Gray Codes, and the Torus, {\em International Journal of Telecommunication Systems (Special Issue on High Performance Computing and Interconnection Networks)}, Volume 10, 1998.
    • V. Lo, J. Mache and K. Windisch, A Comparative Study of Real Workload Traces and Synthetic Workload Models for Parallel Job Scheduling, Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing, IPPS '98, also published in "Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing" edited by Dror G. Feitelson and Larry Rudolph, Springer-Verlag LNCS Vol 1459, 1998
    • V. M. Lo, W. Liu, B. Nitzberg, K. Windisch, Noncontiguous Processor Allocation Algorithms for Mesh-Connected Multicomputers, {\em IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems}, Volume 8, No. 7, July 1997.

  • Personal Interests

    My family. and my extended family. My interests: mah jong (see my new children's book Mahjong All Day Long, co-authored with my sister, published by Walker and Company; origami, and more origami, ethnic music, and foreign films, bicycling, hiking, accordian.
    Sept. 2007