Kanika Sood

Kanika Sood

Email: kanikas[at]cs[dot]uoregon[dot]edu
Office: Deschutes 337

I am a fourth year PhD candidate at University of Oregon(UofO), working in the High Performance Computing Laboratory (HPCL), under the supervision of Prof. Boyana Norris. Prior to this I received my Bachelor's degree in Mody Institute of Technology and Science, Rajasthan. Soon after I joined IBM and worked for a year as Associate Systems Engineer and as a Systems Engineer there on. Next, I came to US for pursuing my Masters in Computer Science from University of Oregon.
My resume is available here to view.
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  • Petsc User Meeting 2017, Boulder, Colorado | June 2017 [ Petsc User Meeting Poster ]
  • SIAM-CSE 2017, Georgia, Atlanta | March 2017 [SIAM Poster 2017]
  • Supercomputing 2015, Austin, Texas | November 2015 [Supercomputing Poster 2015]
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