Ghulam M. Memon

Ph.D. Student

NETSEC Research Lab

Dept. of Computer and Information Science

University of Oregon,


gmemon(x)cs(y)uoregon(y)edu (where x = @ and y = dot)





About Me:


I defended my Ph.D. dissertation, titled On P2P Networks and P2P-Based Content Discovery on the Internet, in Nov 2013. I have joined Amazon's AWS Networking team since Jan 2014.


I was a am a 7th year Ph.D. student at the NETSEC lab at Computer and Information Science Department, University of Oregon. I worked under the supervision of Dr. Jun Li.

My primary interest is design and development of secure networks.


Before venturing in computer science research, I worked as a software developer at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at the University of California San Diego. I developed web-tools for geoscientists as part of the NSF funded GEON project.


My CV is available here




1.      Compass: A scalable Content-Centric Network architecture that preserves the autonomy of ASes.


2.      Montra: A technique for monitoring large-scale Distributed Hash Table (DHT) traffic. We use Montra to monitor Kad and Azureus DHTs.


3.      MONKey: A technique for monitoring global publish traffic in Kad. It is an extension of Montra.


4.      Tsunami: A new botnet design that demonstrates how next generation botnets may operate.


5.      PRIME: Worked on the implementation and evaluation of the locally-designed P2P multimedia streaming protocol.





1.      Ghulam Memon, Matteo Varvello, Jason Gustafson and Jun Li, Compass: Autonomous Content Name Resolution. In Submission


2.      Ghulam Memon, Jun Li and Reza Rejaie, Tsunami: Identifying a New Class of Botnets. Accepted for publication in Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications [pdf]


3.      Ghulam Memon, Daniel Stutzbach, Yang Guo and Reza Rejaie, Montra: Large-Scale Traffic Monitor. Accepted for publication in COMNET Special Issue on "Measurement-based Optimization of P2P Networking and Applications" [pdf]


4.      Ghulam Memon, Reza Rejaie, Yang Guo and Daniel Stutzbach, Large-Scale Monitoring of DHT Traffic. Proceedings of 8th International Workshop Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS '09), April 2009. [pdf]


5.      Choonhan Youn, Chaitan Baru, Karan Bhatia, Sandeep Chandra, Kai Lin, Ashraf Memon, Ghulam Memon and Dogan Seber, GEONGrid Portal: Design and Implementation. Proceedings of Workshop on Grid Computing Portals (GCE), November 2005. [pdf]


6.      Ilya Zaslavsky, Kai Lin, Ashraf Memon and Ghulam Memon, Efficient Query Rewriting Against Semantically-Different Spatial Sources on the Grid: The GEON Experience. Proceedings of 2005 Annual Conference of the International Association for Mathematical Geology, August 2005.


7.      Efrat Jaeger-Frank, Ashraf Memon, Ilkay Altintas, Ghulam Memon, Dogan Seber, Bertram Ludaescher and Chaitan Baru, Integrating Seismic Events Focal Mechanisms With Image Services In Kepler. Proceedings of 25th Annual ESRI International User Conference, July 2005. [pdf]


8.      Ghulam Memon, Ashraf Memon, Kai Lin, Ilya Zaslavsky and Chaitan Baru, Generating Composite Thematic Maps From Semantically Different Shapefiles. Proceedings of 25th Annual ESRI International User Conference, July 2005. [pdf]


9.      Qurban Memon, Zubair Shaikh and Ghulam Memon, Private Textual Network Using GSM Architecture. Proceedings of IEEE International Multi Topic Conference, December 2002. [pdf]



Patent Filed:


1.      Method and apparatus for monitoring Kad network. Ghulam Memon, Yang Guo. Filed: Oct 2008


2.      Routing by Resolution. Ghulam Memon, Matteo Varvello. Filed: May 2011



Directed Research Project (Equivalent to M.S. Thesis):


1.      Ghulam Memon, Characterizing Traffic in a Widely-Deployed DHT. 2008. [pdf] (Passed with distinction).





1.      Fall 2006: Database Systems (CIT 381)

2.      Winter 2007: Information Architecture and Intranets (CIT 382)

3.      Spring 2007: Algorithms and Programming (CIS 122)



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