RE12 Keynote Talk by Stephen Fickas

Mobile and Agile: Why can't they get along?

Speaker: Steve Fickas, University of Oregon (

My group has had success using requirements elicitation methods as part of an agile process. For us, incremental requirements engineering fits well with incremental design. However, we have hit a roadblock when the focus turns to mobile applications; it is unrealistic to attempt frequent incremental field-tests. So it would seem that mobile and agile are at odds.

In this talk I will discuss an attempt to break out of the field-test bind for mobile applications. We have begun to look at simulation technology that has potential to support frequent and incremental changes without the headache of going to the field. Our simulation starting-point is relatively cheap and simple game engines. We have made some progress that I will report on. I will also place this work in the larger context of past research on specification and requirements simulation.

The talk is packaged as a screencast and broken into 3 separate screencast clips. A TOC is available (see comment on first video) for quickly moving through the slides: Screencast site. You may need to scroll down on the page to see the 3 separate clips.

The pdf version of the slides is available as well: PDF slides. Unlike the screencast clips, the slides do not include any embedded videos.

I wrote down the following questions from Q/A section that followed the talk: