Welcome to my academic home page, somewhat unofficial but the place I try to keep up to date. Unless you are a researcher working alone in a garage, a page like this is really a portal into a research group. In my group, I have a fabulous set of colleagues that mix computer science with clinical science. This mixture has been very good for me, leading me to think about my field, requirements engineering, in new ways. I am also part of a group that has been thinking hard about data science and how best to support it from a framework and community point of view. More details under the tabs.

I want to give a special thanks, upfront on my home page, to two groups. First, a special appreciation to all the students who have participated in my projects over the many years. If you are in academia, you know that students do much of the heavy lifting in research. Second, much thanks to the funding agencies that have supported my group's work, and allowed us to deliver tools that seem to be helping: NSF, NIH, FTA (and United We Ride), The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).