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Lecture Slides


Note: These slides were created with Apple's Keynote application and then exported to Powerpoint. Some transitions (e.g. revealing answers to questions) may have to be adjusted in Powerpoint.

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Individual Chapters:

01 Introduction.key01 Introduction.ppt
02 Ruby Workbench.key02 Ruby Workbench.ppt
03 Sieve of Eratosthenes.key03 Sieve of Eratosthenes.ppt
04 Journey of 1000 Miles.key04 Journey of 1000 Miles.ppt
05 Divide and Conquer.key05 Divide and Conquer.ppt
06 When Words Collide.key06 When Words Collide.ppt
07 Bit by Bit.key07 Bit by Bit.ppt
08 War of the Words.key08 War of the Words.ppt
09 Something Different.key09 Something Different.ppt
10 Ask Dr Ruby.key10 Ask Dr Ruby.ppt
11 Music of the Spheres.key11 Music of the Spheres.ppt
12 Traveling Salesman.key12 Traveling Salesman.ppt