University of Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions commonly asked by students and instructors.

Why am I getting errors when I run the unit tests?
The most common problem comes from installing Ruby 1.9.1 instead of 1.8.7. RubyLabs will run under 1.9.1, but the row numbers computed by the hash functions in the HashLab module will be different, which causes the unit test to fail.
Why do I get an error when I try to run the gem command?
On Mac OS systems, first make sure gem is up to date: run the "gem update" command described on the software install page.
When I try to set a probe RubyLabs says it can't find the source code for the method.
The probes only work for methods defined in RubyLabs itself, and not for methods written by users. There are issues with the way RubyLabs looks for source code, and the entire mechanism will be redesigned in an upcoming version, and users will be able to attach probes to their own code in that version.