< Abhishek D. Yenpure />

{ Ph.D. Candidate | Graduate Research Fellow }

{ Computer and Information Science | University of Oregon }

About Me

Hello!, I am Abhishek Yenpure, a Ph.D. student studying Computer Science at the University of Oregon. I work with Dr. Hank Childs and the CDUX group as a Graduate Research Fellow in the field of Scientific Visualization and High Performance Computing. Prior to starting school at the U of O, I was a Senior Software Engineer at eQ Technologic Inc. Both my past work and current work were focused in the area of Data Visualization and/or Extraction with many technologies surrounding it. I will continue to brief my professional credentials below.

Apart from my work I am fond of Hiking. As a hobbyist I also am a cyclist and runner.

2250 Patterson St, Unit 55
Eugene, OR 97405

Technologies I am handy with

Programming C/C++, Java, Python, JavaScript
Skilled in debugging with gdb, lldb
Libraries and Frameworks MPI, CUDA, OpenMP, TBB, Cilk
Apache Hadoop / Storm
Performance profiling tools nvprof (To profile CUDA programs)
TAU (Tuning and Analysis Utilities)
Intel VTune
Querying SQL, PL/SQL with Oracle RDBs and MySQL, Familiar with NoSQL
Platforms Linux, Unix(IBM AIX and Sun Solaris), Windows

Work Experience and Projects



Available upon request